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Burlap Distribution


Burlap Distribution

Burlap – A Sturdy Natural Fiber Embraced by eForce Recycling

Burlap stands as one of nature’s most resilient natural fibers, serving diverse purposes in industrial and agricultural contexts for many years. The production of jute, the source of burlap, plays a vital role in providing livelihoods for people worldwide. In today’s rapidly evolving burlap industry, there is a strong commitment to finding innovative ways to expand the utilization of this versatile material.

When it comes to shipping, please note the following specifications for eForce Recycling:

  • Ship in trailer loads exclusively.
  • A standard 53-foot trailer typically accommodates approximately 42,000 pounds of burlap.
  • Each trailer can hold approximately 84-86 bales.
  • The average weight per bale is approximately 500 pounds, containing 335 bags.
  • Individual bag weight measures at 1 ½ pounds.
  • Bag dimensions are 30 inches in width and 44 inches in length.

As of now, eForce Recycling proudly manages a monthly warehousing capacity of over 100,000 pounds of burlap, demonstrating our dedication to the responsible handling and utilization of this valuable resource.